...we're not just 'stepping into Christmas', we're stepping into the future!

In January this year, Zurich Community Trust and Zurich's Corporate Responsibility team proudly introduced our new ZCT & CR Futures Council! Consisting of 13 enthusiastic, future-focused Zurich employees, the Council is helping to shape our journey forward through our programmes, initiatives and, most importantly, engagement with you, our supporters and partners!

Take a moment to tune into our live footage of the ZCT and CR Futures Council workshop captured at the ZCT Conference in October. Our first use of Facebook Live and a great way to reach more people, so watch out for more Facebook Live events in 2017!

The ZCT and CR Futures Council has certainly achieved an amazing amount since January! The Council members have key input and influence over a variety of projects and initiatives such as the Zurich Cares employee Lottery, the direction of social media, the 'Environment Project' and, of course, running a well-received workshop on immersive technologies at the ZCT Conference in October 2016. The level of enthusiasm, drive and focus shown has been truly impressive and we are really proud of what they've already accomplished.  
"It's great to see the Environment Project progressing and I look forward to reading the final report early next year. A big thank you for your ongoing support. We are very aware that this is in addition to your busy day jobs, so really appreciate everything you have done and continue to do." Sophie Timms, Head of Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility, Zurich writing to the Council members.