…we share with you how Zurich's Corporate Responsibility goes that extra mile to protect our environment. #lovezcr

So, today we're handing the 'countdown reins' over to Emma Francis, Corporate Responsibility Manager,  to tell us more...

Over to you, Emma...

"Zurich is committed to minimising its impact on the environment and we work with our customers to help them do the same.

Did you know that?

· The Zurich Group has committed to invest over US$2bn in green bonds, the largest single commitment to this market. Through green bond investments, Zurich is supporting sustainable growth and development around the globe.
· Zurich is carbon neutral, reaching the milestone at the end of 2014 through internal emissions reduction efforts and by using a forestry project in Indonesia to offset emissions that cannot be eliminated.
· Zurich has a target to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2020 (as compared to 2007 baseline). We’ve reduced our carbon footprint to date by increasing the use of ‘green’ energy, increasing energy efficiency standards in owned buildings, improving the fuel efficiency of the vehicle fleet and raising employee awareness.
· All Zurich-owned buildings in the UK are powered by green electricity.
· In 2015 we recycled 59% of our waste in the UK. You can help us improve this figure by recycling your waste in the office.
· Environmental performance and credentials are a key consideration when we assess the suitability of third party suppliers.
· When rebuilding an insured property, we use materials that improve thermal qualities and that have a lower carbon footprint.
· When a customer claims on white goods, such as washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators, they are replaced with Band A energy-efficient appliances.
· Our global flood resilience programme works to identify ways to increase resilience in flood prone areas. Zurich works with an alliance of the International Red Cross and academics to ensure that knowledge and ideas generated fit the needs of local communities and can be put into practice."

Thank you Emma!

In 2017 Corporate Responsibility are looking to recruit a network of Zurich employees across all our offices to help lead on green initiatives such as recycling, green travel etc. 

If you’re a Zurich group employee and would like to get involved, please contact Emma Francis.


In the meantime, have a very happy and

environmentally-friendly Christmas!


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