Namaste! Did you know our India programme has now been running for over 20 years? In this time we've not only provided vital core funding but also sent 107 Zurich employees as assignees to share their skills (as well as developing themselves).

We currently work with four partners - APSA, MAYA, Mobility India and APD - although the programme is set to officially end in 2017. Over the last 20 years, the Indian economy and corporate sector have developed substantially and the time is now right to exit. However, we also recognise that India is still home to one third of the world’s poorest people, so the human need is still very much there. Our strategy is therefore to encourage local companies to get involved with our partners and combine funding support with the sharing of business skills. We're doing this with the help of local Indian Consultant Thilakam Rajendran from ATPAR pictured here with ZCT India Programme Manager, Kate Hodges.

'The brain remembers...'

Mobility India is passionate about the needs of people with disabilities, especially those in poorer areas and women and children who often have difficulty in accessing support. The charity provides training to professionals, as well as much needed rehabilitation, and also manufactures prosthetics. It's essential support - if you cannot move, you cannot work. You cannot feed your family. And sometimes the smallest of adjustments can be truly life-changing. Here Romola Joseph, Secretary of Mobility India, shares an insight into the difference the right prosthetic can make to the lives of amputees:




And finally, thanks to your support of ZCT, this year alone we have awarded 16 grants totalling c. £75,000 through the Zurich Cares Overseas Grants Programme. All these grants will support the provision of front-line services in some of the poorest, most vulnerable communities of the world. The children from The School of Hope in Guatemala, who will now have over 1,000 more textbooks to boost their literacy, spell it out!