What better way to start our countdown than with a whistlestop tour?

Today and every day of the year, the contribution made by Zurich, Endsleigh and Openwork employees through donations, volunteering and fundraising in support of ZCT - alongside that of family and friends - is helping to change people's lives for the better.

And our #lovezct penguins are a on a mission to share just some of the difference made in our daily Christmas Countdown!

On Day 1, have a look (and listen) to this short video snapshot below to show what this support means to just a few of the charities to receive a 'Zurich Cares' local grant this year. And because, as our penguins point out, whatever you give to ZCT is matched 100% through the Zurich UK business contribution to ZCT - your money can go that bit further to help deserving causes and people across the UK and overseas. 

Thank you for making all this possible and 'thank you' too to our charity partners for taking the time to record their messages.

Together we can go the extra mile to help others! #beproudasapenguin.


Thank you ... and see you tomorrow!