We're really proud of our national partnerships with CLIC Sargent, Alzheimer's Society and Mind. All three were chosen by Zurich employees from across the UK with each charity partner receiving an annual grant of £50,000, as part of our Zurich Cares employee activity, to deliver separate programmes of work. 

In August, we turned the spotlight on our partnership with CLIC Sargent. Now it's the turn of Alzheimer's Society to take centre stage!

Although we can't, sadly, change the fact that around 850,000 people in the UK are living with dementia, we can support those affected, and their families and carers, so they can live better with the condition. This is precisely what our five year partnership - funded by the fantastic fundraising for ZCT by Zurich and Endsleigh employees - has set out to achieve.
As well as now helping nearly 200 people with dementia a year through funding Singing for the Brain groups in Eastleigh, Wandsworth, Manchester, Swindon and Glasgow, we've also created over 800 Dementia Friends, taken part in team Challenge projects  and stepped out on Memory Walks.  
This short video sets out to capture just some of the highlights of our partnership. Look out for Luke (Treadwell) from Alzheimer's Society who shows us what 'Singing for the Brain' means to Irene. With thanks to Alzheimer's Society for a wonderful partnership and with thanks to our supporters for making this possible...