"Last year I was invited to join the Cheltenham Grants Committee to represent Endsleigh. It is a fabulous experience becoming involved in such a wide and varied world ‘out there’.  The number of charities who approach Zurich for their support is amazing, and the decision whether to agree a grant request or not is painstakingly undertaken.

In an ideal world we would be able to support every grant request we receive. However, that just isn’t possible. We know the funds we are spending are your donations, and the process is thorough and well thought through prior to a decision being made. We have the opportunity to meet with the fundraisers and, hearing the passion within, you come away with that really good feeling inside, knowing that whatever is offered - be it money via Give As You Earn or time you donate doing challenges - these local charities really appreciate everything sent their way. Nothing is too small. I truly believe it is a privilege for me to sit on this Committee." 

You can read more about the local charities we support in Gloucestershire by clicking here >>

Sandra Harvey, Endsleigh