As we near the end of our national funding partnerships with CLIC Sargent, Alzheimer's and Mind, we have been looking back to celebrate the key highlights of our work together - please see here for CLIC Sargent >>  and here for Alzheimer's Society >>.

And last but not least, here's Mind!  We've worked with Mind for four years - and what an important four years they've been. As we all know, mental health problems can affect anyone: and, sadly, feeling alone, anxious, depressed or in the middle of a crisis, too often people can struggle to get the care and support they need.

For the last four years, in addition to Challenges, Happy Monday and in-house Wellbeing sessions, the support given by Zurich and Endsleigh colleagues to ZCT has meant we've been able to award £50,000 a year to fund the salary and employment of an Infoline Advisor. 

Mind’s Infoline provides a lifeline for people experiencing mental health problems and those around them.  The Infoline’s trained advisors listen and support people to make informed choices about the treatment and support that is right for them; giving practical ‘next steps’ advice for those in need of support to take control of their situation.

Our support has also helped Mind to expand the range of ways people can get in touch through email and texts, with email in particular currently popular. The demand for the Infoline support has never been higher with phone calls received between October 2016 and April 2017 increasing by 10% from the same period the previous year. Here's why Nicki, one of Mind's Infoline Advisors, has recorded a special 'thank you' and why she loves her job...