Collectively they ran over 570 miles to run up an amazing fundraising total of £50,000 for Zurich Cares! (and that's not including all those training runs!)

 London marathon runner, Jackie Goodenough, says...

'When I first heard I had a Zurich place to run the London Marathon I was elated but soon after the daunting task of raising at least £1,600 set in! I didn't know what to worry about more, the training or the fundraising!
I was determined that as this was a chance in a lifetime experience, I was going to do everything I could to raise as much money as possible. I contacted everyone I knew, knocked on the doors of all friends, family, neighbours, and walked the floors of Finance! Everyone was so supportive, not only with cake bakes and raffles but also by sponsoring me individually. I can't thank them enough and honestly didn't dream I would actually raise £4,300!
I believe that everyone is capable of running a marathon. I'm not a runner but I just added a couple of miles in my training every month and built it up gradually.
I felt emotional as I crossed the starting line, I was surrounded by people of all ages, all shapes and sizes but we had one thing in common and that was that we were all doing something for someone else, it was a wonderful feeling. I would recommend running the London Marathon to everyone!!'


Our amazing marathon marvels who ran Seville and/or the London Marathon earlier this year, have jointly raised an incredible £50,000 for Zurich Cares! This is a truly outstanding achievement and a real testament to each and every one of them who have shown such dedication throughout their training, fundraising and not forgetting the actual races!

Both Dream Teams, were 11 runners strong and really put their trainers to the test when travelling 26.2 miles on foot to cross those marathon finishing lines!

Anne Torry, Head of UK Life,  joined a few of the 'Seville and London Marathon Dream Teams' yesterday to hear the final fundraising total announced and present them with their certificates.

'Running a marathon is no easy challenge, you should all feel very proud of what you have achieved. You've all shown true dedication through the hours and hours of training, and also time spent fundraising amongst your family, friends and colleagues. Together you have raised an incredible amount of money that will change many lives for the better within the communities in which we live.'  

Anne Torry, Head of UK Life.


  (Pictured left to right: Mark Flay, Jackie Evans. Jo Smith, Anne Torry, Jackie Goodenough, Simon Freeman, Elaine Quinn)

A massive 'Thank you' to all the runners and their supporters for going that extra mile to raise such valuable funds for Zurich Community Trust.

Seville Dream Team:  Simon Freeman , Mark Flay, Mark Thorne, Mitch Bryan and Pete Bryne; Andrew Hardaker and Chris Lees ; Mark Ratcliffe (Endsleigh), Neil Taylor, Luke Goodwin and Ted Cockett (Endsleigh).

London Dream Team: Kayleigh Linklater, Jackie Goodenough, Jackie Evans, Mark Roach, James Evans, David Patterson, Ankeet Patel, Ben Kinder, Justin Andrews, Soheil Abolghassem, John Edwards