Pictured above: James Doe, Earl Collins, Reina Hawkes, Ginta Karnil and Rose Sutton

Navigators and General took part in their first charity challenge of the year for Ronald MacDonald House Brighton on the 22nd March. The House provides free accommodation, with all the comforts of a family home, to families with children and premature babies in the hospital. In 2016 the House helped 219 families stay close to their children in hospital.

Pictured right: Charles Knight gets to grip with the garden!

Despite many of the team still having to stay behind to man the phones and torrential rain forecast, our small but enthusiastic team raised £241 for the House selling cakes in Brighton hospital and spruced up the houses garden ready for the spring. It was a fantastic day, enjoyed by all involved.

Reina, a member of the cake selling team said "There is nothing more beautiful than smiling and making others smile." 

Pictured above: Reina Hawkes on the left and Ginta Karnil on the right.