"Adding value is a prerequisite of what we do. We believe in accounting publicly for our performance to our stakeholders - our community partners, Zurich's staff and  shareholders."
  Pam Webb, Head of Zurich Community Trust 

Little girl learning to walkSocial accounting

The Trust's activity supports some of the most disadvantaged people in society.  But how do we know if what we do is effective and meets the needs of the local communities, our people and the business?

In order to answer these questions - to measure the impact of our work and to enable us to improve our performance - we continually ask our stakeholders how we are doing.

You can download our ninth published report here:

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London Benchmarking Group

In addition to the accountability approach of the Zurich Community Trust, Zurich in the UK is an active member of LBG  a network of over 100 companies with leading community investment programmes, who work together to share best practice and to measure community investment.  

The LBG model helps businesses to improve the management, measurement and reporting of their corporate community involvement programmes. It moves beyond charitable donations to include the full range of contributions (in time, in kind and in cash) made to community causes, and assesses the actual results for the community and for the business. (See www.lbg-online.net for more information).