Anne Torry - Chair, Zurich Community Trust (UK) Limited


Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees and the Trust Executive guide the direction and management of Zurich Community Trust.  They oversee the planning for the various programmes and agree annual targets and measures. 

The Board of Trustees meets on a quarterly basis.  It works to ensure that the Zurich Community Trust complies with charity law, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations. 

The Board of Trustees is made up of a balance of senior representation from the Zurich UK businesses and external individuals.  The current Trustee Board is made of the following members:


  • Anne Torry - Head of UK Life, CEO of Zurich Assurance Ltd and Sterling Investment Managers Ltd
  • Andrew Jepp -  Vice Chair and Managing Director of Zurich Municipal 
  • Conor Brennan - Head of UK General Insurance 
  • Vinicio Cellerini - Head of Global Corporate UK 
  • Miranda Chalk - External Trustee 
  • Tim Culling - External Trustee 
  • Georgina Farrell - Head of UK HR 
  • Ian Lovett - External Trustee 
  • Jonathan Plumtree -  Chair of the Remuneration Sub Committee and Head of Zurich Corporate Savings 
  • Dr Subo Shanmuganathan - External Trustee 
  • Wayne Myslik - External Trustee

Trust Executive

The Trust Executive has delegated powers from the Trust Board to support the management of the Charity.  The Trust Executive meets four times a year - with smaller sub groups, as and when required - taking forward specific actions between meetings.    They assist the Board in the following key areas:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Transformation Programmes - receiving and reviewing regular updates from the charity partners and the ZCT Team.
  • Impact measurement
  • Supporting the ZCT team to raise the profile and support for the Community Programme both internally and externally.

The Trust Executive is made up of the following Zurich employees:

  • Richard Smith - Chair and Global Head of Underwriting Academy, General Insurance 
  • Trudi Archer - Head of Customer Operations, Endsleigh 
  • Amy Brettell - Head of Communities, Social Organisations  & Health, Zurich Municipal 
  • Steve Collinson - Head of Organisational Development, HR 
  • John Dawson - Head of Distribution, Commercial Broker, UK General Insurance 
  • Paul Emery - Head of Navigators & General
  • Nigel Emson - Commercial Director, Zurich Intermediary Group 
  • Richard Gaskell - Finance, UK Life 
  • Delwyn Hawkins - Zurich Retiree   
  • Anish Jadav -  Chief Pricing Actuary, UK General Insurance Underwriting  
  • Nick Major - Chief Underwriting Officer,  Commercial Property
  • Vicki O'Connell - Communications Manager, Endsleigh 
  • Emma Skuse - Head of UK Pensions and Benefits, Group Human Resources 
  • Sophie Timms - Head of UK Public Affairs & Corporate Responsibility 
  • Alistair Walters - Trainee Accountant

The Openwork Foundation Committee

The Openwork Foundation is a supported fund within the Zurich Community Trust which raises funds from employees and members of the Openwork distribution network to support disadvantaged children through its Care4Kids programme

The Openwork Foundation Committee has delegated powers from the Trust Board to support the management of the Openwork Foundation.  The Committee meets four times a year.  They assist the Board in the following key areas:

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Selecting National charity partners
  • Monitoring existing partners
  • Grant management
  • Grant impact measurement
  • Volunteer management
  • Communications
  • Risk Management

Members of the Openwork Foundation Committee are:

  • Ian Lovett - Chair
  • Cliff Gray - Vice Chair and Openwork Partner
  • Harpreet Atwal - Openwork Partner
  • Laurence Cummings - Openwork Partner
  • Sarah Harding - Openwork employee
  • Simon Jukes - Openwork Partner
  • Duncan Kerr - Practice Manager
  • Paul Mitchener - Governance Director
  • Mo Rasool - Adviser
  • Phil White - Openwork Partner