Winter sports holiday cover

More than just ski and snowboard insurance

Ready to hit the slopes? Before you head off, make sure your equipment is insured but most importantly, you need cover for yourself. A snowboard can be replaced but there's no substitute for the peace of mind knowing you're covered for potential medical costs. You'll also be insured for loss, theft and even avalanche delay.

Most winter sports holiday insurance policies typically cover skiing and snowboarding, but with Zurich you can be covered for a whole lot more such as sledging, tobogganing and indoor skiing.

Which winter sports are covered in my policy?

There are two cover options: Standard winter sports cover which lasts up to 22 days or Extra winter sports cover lasting up to 31 days per policy year. Both provide cover for equipment damage, loss, theft, unforeseen slope closure and protect against delays caused by an avalanche and loss of ski passes.

The following activities are included:

  • Cross country skiing (If off-piste or not on recognised paths must be accompanied by qualified guide and in areas that resort management deem safe)
  • Dry slope skiing
  • Glacier walking (Accompanied by a qualified guide)
  • Husky sledge driving/passenger (No racing. No personal liability cover)
  • Indoor skiing/snowboarding
  • Skiing and mono-skiing*
  • Sledging (including as a passenger pulled by a horse, dog or reindeer)
  • Sleigh rides (As a passenger)
  • Snowboarding*
  • Snowmobiling (Guided tours only. No personal liability cover)
  • Snow shoe walking
  • Tobogganing

*If off-piste must be accompanied by qualified guide and in areas that local resort management consider to be safe

Take care on the slopes with these safety tips:

✔ Always carry a fully charged mobile phone in case of emergencies 

✔ Follow the international Ski Federations rules of ski and snowboard conduct, these rules are legally binding 

✔ Always obey signs, they provide vital information for your safety

Take care on the slopes with these safety tips:

✔ Avoid alcohol as this will impair your judgement and can put yourself and others at risk 

✔ Make sure you invest in warm clothing, correct ski wear and always wear a helmet and snow goggles 

✔ Get fit before your trip and ski within your own ability, you should rest if you start to feel unwell or tired

Take care on the slopes with these safety tips:

✔ Pick your route carefully and ski with friends or tell others where you plan to go if you go out on your own 

✔ Inspect your skiing or snowboarding equipment to ensure that it is in good working condition 

✔ Keep an eye on the weather and be aware of avalanches 

✔ Finally, don't forget to pack your travel insurance! Get a quote now