Whether you’re off sailing in St Moritz or sunbathing in Spain, we’ve got you covered

Travel insurance: we’ve got you both covered

It’s so exciting booking a holiday and planning all you’re going to do – just make sure you don’t forget your travel insurance!

If you need emergency medical help, lose money or your luggage, or even miss your flight if you’re delayed, Zurich travel insurance has got you covered. And not just you, but your partner too. We’ll protect you both – as long as you’re both over 18, in a relationship and live at the same address.


£10m for emergency medical assistance


Cancellation or cutting a trip short


Theft or loss/damage to luggage


Loss of money or travellers cheques

Zurich travel insurance has three cover options, ranging from our ‘basic’ policy to our more comprehensive ‘extra’ policy.

You can compare the key benefits under each by clicking here.

Value for money with multi-trip annual cover

If you and your partner travel frequently, an annual multi-trip policy could be the best option for you.

It could be more cost-effective and you’ll save time too as you won’t need to buy a new policy each time you travel. You don’t have to go away together each time either: our multi-trip insurance covers you for individual trips too!

Find out more about Zurich’s multi-trip travel insurance here.

Timeless tips for your romantic retreat

Whether this is your first trip away together or your 15th, here are some of our favourite pointers for having a fun, memorable time…

  1. Allow for a bit of time alone: Is one of you desperate to visit that vintage clothes store while the other just wants to soak up the rays? We say you should both go for it - there’s nothing wrong with a bit of alone time on holiday!
  2. Try something new: Holidays are often a great opportunity to try out something your partner loves. You never know: perhaps you’ll be caving or swimming with dolphins every year once you’ve given it a go.
  3. Take out good quality travel insurance for both of you: From losing your luggage to injuring yourself skiing, things can and do happen while you’re on holiday. Make that one less thing to worry about by taking out Zurich travel insurance.
  4. Learn how to haggle: You might be nervous at the very thought of haggling, but sometimes a holiday is a perfect place to try it out. In fact, in some countries such as Morocco or Tunisia, bartering is central to their culture. What sort of discount can you get?
  5. Share your packing space: Every couple is different when it comes to packing, but sharing suitcases has a few benefits – from saving space by not doubling up on items like phone chargers, to keeping you both aware of everything you’re taking (helpful if something goes missing).
  6. Keep track of money: Again, every couple will have their own way of doing things – from one of you taking charge of spending to splitting responsibility for certain expenses. Without opening up a spreadsheet every night, we recommend having a chat about budgets before going and keeping tabs on your spending.
  7. Don’t plan too tight a schedule: This will depend on your holiday of course but it can be a good idea to be relaxed about your schedule rather than have a rigid timetable. That way, if an excursion falls on a day you’d rather just sit on a beach, you can do what you like!