Thomas Cook Closure

We are very sorry to hear of the closure of Thomas Cook which has confirmed that all the UK companies in its group have ceased trading, including Thomas Cook Airlines. As a result, all Thomas Cook bookings, including holidays and flights, have been cancelled and are no longer operating. 

Customers in the UK yet to travel must not go to the airport if their flight was due to be fulfilled by Thomas Cook (*unless your holiday was booked via Thomas Cook Travel Agents with a third party tour operator and you have been offered replacement flights). We understand this may cause disruption and upset to our customers. Both ABTA and CAA have specific guidance for travellers available on their websites:

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*some third party tour operators booked passengers on Thomas Cook flights, and are replacing these or rearranging travel.

Holidaymakers already abroad

Customers who are currently overseas on a flight package holiday will be financially protected under the ATOL scheme and should contact the CAA. The CAA will advise on return flight arrangements.

The CAA’s call centre for Thomas Cook customers can be contacted as follows.

More information at

Customers who are currently overseas on a package holiday that does not include a flight are protected by ABTA and should continue their holiday as normal.

Customers who are currently overseas and staying in accommodation booked through Thomas Cook Tour Operations are financially protected by ABTA and should continue their holiday as normal.

Customers who are currently overseas and have booked flights directly with the Thomas Cook Airline, or who have booked accommodation via Thomas Cook Retail with a third party (e.g. Expedia) are not financially protected. For flights, they should contact the CAA in the first instance, for accommodation contact the company named on the travel documents.

Customers who are yet to travel

If you’ve booked a package holiday through a Thomas Cook Group retail company, but that holiday is provided by another travel company, you should contact that travel company to check your arrangements will continue as normal.

Customers who have a booked a Thomas Cook package holiday or accommodation through a Thomas Cook Group retail company (Thomas Cook, TCCT Retail Ltd, Future Travel Ltd or Freedom Travel Group Ltd) these holidays will not go ahead, and you will be entitled to a refund.

If you’ve booked a Thomas Cook package holiday through another travel company, you should contact that company to discuss options which may include re-booking or making alternative arrangements.

Will my Travel Insurance cover this event?

You should initially pursue a refund for any repatriation expenses incurred, or for a future package holiday, from ABTA/ATOL, or alternatively from your credit card / debit card provider.

For flight only packages, where your Zurich policy has Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance cover and it was taken out before the widespread news of Thomas Cook’s financial difficulties, you should call us to enquire around submitting a claim.

To help our customers we have also made the following allowances:

  • If you are abroad and unable to return home before your cover ends due to the insolvency of Thomas Cook, your insurance will remain in force without additional premium for up to 14 days.
  • If you have purchased a single trip insurance policy with Zurich to cover travel with Thomas Cook, your trip has not started and you wish to change your travel plans:
    • We will not charge an administration fee to change your policy
    • We may agree to cancel your policy outside of the 14 days period normally allowed if you have not made and do not intend to make a claim.

What happens if my trip was booked through another tour operator?

If you booked your holiday through Thomas Cook as a high street travel agent, your booking may be through another tour operator and could still be honoured. This information should be detailed on the paperwork provided at the time of your original booking alongside the ATOL certificate, and referenced under 'Who is protecting your trip?'. If the company listed is not Thomas Cook, your trip may still be valid. If this is the case we recommend contacting the tour operator as soon as possible before booking new travel arrangements.

What if I have already rebooked but my original trip is not cancelled?

Unfortunately you may need to consider cancelling one of your holidays which could result in charges. If this is the case you could consider a holiday re-selling company such as Transfer Travel who may be able to resell your trip.

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Please note, if you are considering buying a new policy from Zurich Travel Insurance following the administration of Thomas Cook, we cannot provide cover for known events.