How to have a fun-filled family holiday this summer

Travel insurance: one family, one policy…

Before you go anywhere, make sure you have travel insurance. A Zurich travel insurance policy will cover you and your family, including any children under 18.


£10m for emergency medical assistance


Cancellation or cutting a trip short


Theft or loss/damage to luggage


Loss of money or travellers cheques

Depending on the sort of holiday you’ve planned, you may want to check what your policy covers.

For instance, if your holidays often involve activities, make sure those sports or activities are included. You can see a list of activities covered by Zurich here.

Medical treatment abroad can also be costly if an accident happens, so make sure you’re covered for emergency medical expenses. A Zurich travel insurance policy will cover you for up to £10m.

And it is worth remembering: depending on how often you travel with your family, a multi-trip policy may be more cost effective.

10 top tips for travelling with children

A family holiday is a time to relax, have fun, eat well – and be together. But between renewing your passports and letting your children pack their own bags, there may be a few things you’re worrying about. So here are some hints and tips to bring you a little pre-holiday peace of mind…

  1. First up: make sure you have good family travel insurance – and know that a multi-trip policy may be more cost-effective if you’re going away more than once.
  2. If you’re flying, check in online and try to book evening flights, when children may be more restful.
  3. Again, if you’re flying, pack each child a bag with travel pillow, entertainment and snacks.
  4. Keep all passports and insurance documents in a safe place.
  5. Pack a mini first-aid kit including medications, plasters and antiseptic cream.
  6. Allow extra journey time for dilly-dallying (and toilet stops).
  7. Avoid over packing – just make sure of the essentials.
  8. If you’re venturing overseas make sure you’ve all had your vaccinations.
  9. Remember your chargers/adaptors (bonus tip: pack these in your hand luggage rather than your suitcase for easy access – and in case luggage gets delayed or lost).
  10. Pack for the climate, so if you’re off to Greece don’t forget sun cream and sun hats.