Great travel insurance if you love sports and the great outdoors

What activities does Zurich travel insurance cover?

From bungee jumping and mountain biking to camel riding and jet skiing, Zurich travel insurance has got you covered. Here’s our pick of 20 activities you’ll be covered for if you take out Zurich travel insurance. For the rest, and for more details, take a look at our policy wording.


Limitation and Conditions

Abseiling Must be supervised by a qualified instructor
Bungee Jumping Must be supervised by a qualified instructor
Canoeing If in open water, stay within sight of land. Up to grade 2 rivers only
Elephant riding Must be supervised by a qualified instructor
Fell walking, running, rambling, trekking Maximum 3,000 meters altitude
Flying/Helicopter rides Sightseeing flights - As a passenger in a fully licensed aircraft
Go karting No cover for personal liability or personal accident
Golf Equipment will not be covered unless the Golf optional add on is selected
Horse riding/Hacking Wearing a helmet. No jumping, hunting or polo
Hot air ballooning As a passenger under supervision of a licensed operator
Ice skating (rink) No hockey or speed skating
Jet skiing Must be under supervision of a licensed operator. No cover for personal liability or personal accident
Kayaking and Rafting If in open water, stay within sight of land. Up to grade 3 rivers only
Mountain biking Must be wearing a helmet. Only casual or off road but not endurance. No cover for downhill, freeriding, four-cross, dirt jumping, trials, stunting or racing
Rowing If in open water, stay within sight of land. No racing
Sailing/Yachting Within 20 miles of coastline or inland waters. No cover for personal liability
Safari Organised guided tour by vehicle or supervised walking only
Scuba diving To maximum depth of 18 meters below sea level. No solo diving. If unqualified must be accompanied by qualified instructor or dive master.
Swimming with dolphins Must be supervised by a qualified instructor and through a licensed operator

What additional cover does Zurich travel insurance offer?

Whichever holiday you choose you want to make sure you’re covered for all possibilities and activities so you have peace of mind on your trip. Winter sports and golf equipment are only protected where optional cover applies, so you will need to add these to your policy if required.


Golf Cover

Optional golf cover will protect your equipment for theft, loss, damage and the hire of replacements. If you’ve booked a round but can’t play it will also cover green fees and buggy hire so you’ll be able to tee off again in no time!


Winter Sports Cover

If you’re taking part in winter sports, add this to your policy and you’ll be ready to hit the slopes. Most winter sports holiday insurance policies typically cover skiing and snowboarding, but with Zurich you can be covered for a whole lot more such as sledging, tobogganing and indoor skiing.

Are you going away more than once?

If you're planning on making a few trips away this year or you're a frequent traveller, multi-trip insurance could be the best option for you. Find out more about our Annual Multi-Trip Travel insurance.

Eight tips for an active holiday

If you prefer action-packed to sun-soaked holidays, here are a handful of useful tips before you head off on your travels…

  1. Make sure your activities are booked with a licensed operator.
  2. Don’t rely on operators’ insurance, even if you sign a disclaimer.
  3. Carry all your essentials – pack a change of clothes and medication in a durable rucksack that you can use each day for walking or cycling.
  4. Pack breathable and waterproof sportswear that can be washed easily and take extra socks and jackets that can be layered if it’s cold.
  5. Always pack footwear and equipment that you have worn before so you know it’s comfortable.
  6. Keep travel money, passports, insurance documents and visas in a safe place.
  7. Don’t forget the essentials such as insect repellent, blister plasters, sun cream and medication.
  8. If you’re cycling, remember a tyre repair kit and reflective equipment.