Motorist FAQs

What is covered under my policy?

Please refer to your policy documentation, or if you are unable to do so, please contact us.

What happens if a tile or slate is blown off my property and damages my car?

You should refer the matter to us; damage to your vehicle is not covered under your household policy.

What happens if a tile or slate is blown off my property and damages my neighbour's car or property?

You should ask your neighbour to refer the matter to their motor or household insurer. In the event that any third party is looking to make a claim against you then you need to notify your contents insurer; your contents policy will normally provide cover against any legal liability that arises through occupation of your home.

If the third party’s claim is to be met you will have to have been negligent and it is for the other party to prove that. Make sure you don’t admit any responsibility as this may prejudice any claim made.

What should I do if my car is flooded?

If you’re unlucky enough to be caught in a flood and your car has been immobilised, first seek the safety for yourself and your passengers. Do not worry about your car or your possessions.

A flooded car is not an everyday occurrence and therefore creates several unique problems.

What should I do if my car is flooded and I am forced to leave it in the street?

If possible remove all personal possessions, contact us and report the accident circumstances, e.g. level of water immersion and is the vehicle causing an obstruction.

Is it safe for me to run the vehicle that has been flooded and needs to be moved out of the street or blocking an access point?

If it is likely that water has entered the engine, do not attempt to start the vehicle, contact us and report the accident circumstances. Explain that the vehicle needs to be moved as soon as is practicable, and we will arrange recovery.

My car is in my garage and it is flooded, what should I do?

Remove all personal possessions, contact us and we will arrange to recover the vehicle.

If my vehicle has been damaged as a result of a flood will I be entitled to a courtesy vehicle?

Depending upon your policy you may be entitled to a courtesy vehicle either for the duration of the repair period if the vehicle is repairable, or in the event of a total loss you may be entitled to a courtesy vehicle. Please check your policy documentation for further details.

If my vehicle is deemed to be a total loss, how soon will the claim be settled?

After inspecting the vehicle, we will endeavour to settle the claim as soon as is practicable. Our typical experience for claims of this nature is that most will be settled within a two week period after the initial inspection of the vehicle by a Zurich engineer. More complex claims however could take longer.

Is the flood water likely to be contaminated?

As a precaution all flood damaged vehicles are treated as if the flood water is contaminated, as a result of a physical inspection and consideration of the flood circumstances, the inspecting engineer will determine whether or not the flood damage includes contaminated water.

If after making a claim from Zurich for flood damage, which as a consequence has meant that the vehicle has been dealt with on a total loss basis, will I be able to insure a replacement vehicle with Zurich?

We will assess the risk and will quote a premium associated with the risk.