Homeowner FAQs

What is covered under my policy?

Please refer to your policy documentation, or if you are unable to do so, please call us on 0800 026 1757.

Am I covered for removing a fallen tree?

The cost of removing a tree is covered if that needs to happen to enable storm repairs to be carried out to the main structure of the property; most polices will not cover the cost of removing a tree if it has not caused damage to the structure of the buildings but check your policy documentation as it is possible in some cases to add some limited cover at an additional premium.

What happens if a tile or slate is blown off my property and damages my car?

You should refer the matter to us; damage to your vehicle is not covered under your household policy.

What happens if a tile or slate is blown off my property and damages my neighbours car or property?

You should ask your neighbour to refer the matter to their motor or household insurer. In the event that any third party is looking to make a claim against you then you need to notify your contents insurer; your contents policy will normally provide cover against any legal liability that arises through occupation of your home.

If the third party’s claim is to be met you will have to have been negligent and it is for the other party to prove that. Make sure you don’t admit any responsibility as this may prejudice any claim made.

What if I cannot stay in my house due to the severity of the damage?

We will cover the reasonable cost of alternative accommodation, whether this is a short hotel stay or the rental of another property. Please call us on 0800 026 1757 so that we can guide you through this process as some of the policies will have limits to the amount that can be refunded. This will vary from policy to policy but most will include reasonable costs for pets as well.

Also, depending on individual circumstances, we will be able to assist you with a reasonable amount for the cost of food whilst you are without cooking facilities.

What about my contents?

If we insure your contents:

  • Our loss adjuster or other suppliers will advise you on what can and what can’t be restored, this will depend on the nature and construction of the item and the type of contamination.
  • If an item cannot be restored or repaired, then we will usually arrange for replacement with an equivalent item via our network of suppliers.
  • If emergency funds are needed to replace essential items we will arrange for this, these payments will be deducted from the eventual settlement.
  • Your policy documents will tell you about any limits that might apply to the claim.
  • If you need to move out of the property we may need to help you move any undamaged items into storage or to your alternative accommodation; these costs would be met under the alternative accommodation section of your contents policy and our loss adjusters or restoration companies will advise you on this.
  • If you remain in the property you will need to guard against undamaged items being affected by dampness in the property.


Try and ensure that your property is kept as secure as possible whilst allowing it to dry; we can help with providing secure storage if that is required.