Armed forces commitment

On the ‘Armed Forces Day’ Saturday 25th June, the ABI will issue details from individual insurers on their commitment to support the armed forces.

Zurich private motor contracts, either direct or via an intermediary/broker

Zurich welcomes the opportunity to support full time and reservist members of the UK armed forces and participate in this Motor Insurance Commitment so that you can buy your insurance with confidence. Here are the benefits as part of the commitment:

No claims discount:

Any no claims discount or claim free years you have earned up to your posting abroad remains valid for up to 3 years, and will be accepted when taking out new cover on your return. Please retain evidence of the level you have from your last insurance policy, as we may ask you to provide this at the time of next purchase.


We will waive any Zurich cancellation or administration charge applying where a serving member or their family cancel their policy due to a posting abroad. Please note if you bought your policy via a broker they may still apply their own charges.

If you have our home and travel policies the same benefits apply.

How to make your request:

You can get in touch using the contacts details found in your covering letter to your documentation and please have your proof of posting to hand. In some instances, your broker will need to refer to us, so please allow sufficient time for your request to be processed.