Time Flies

You know how time flies...

Time’s a peculiar concept. You’d think we’d know more about it since we thought of it (humans, not Zurich). But there’s something about time we can all agree on: it goes, and quickly. 'Time flies' in fact.

Recently, social media users embarked on the ‘10 year challenge’, an exercise which saw them comparing a photo of themselves now against one from 10 years ago.Many of them would’ve looked at their photos and asked themselves just where that decade had gone and what had happened in that time.

If you tried to remember major events over the last 10 years, how many do you think you’d get? Our interactive quiz, 'Timeflies' reveals if your perception of time is as accurate as you think it is.


Did the last 10 years feel like it flew by? Think about what an investment could achieve over a decade and how that could feel like a relatively short period of time.

A Zurich Stocks and Shares ISA provides a tax efficient way for you to invest in the stock market and offers the potential to grow more than if you left it in a savings account. But you need to remember that with investment comes risk. The value of an investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount invested. Investments should only be considered for medium to long term goals (five years or more).

So if you're interested in investing over the next 10 years, take a look at the Zurich Stocks & Shares ISA and watch the time fly.

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gardener with tomatoes

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