ISA information

From March 2018, the Sterling ISA is no longer accessible via the Sterling Assurance website. Instead, you'll find all of the information you'll need to manage your account here.
  • Using the FundTracker

    To use the FundTracker, you'll need your latest statement to hand. Use the link below that relates to your bond's series number. The FundTracker will allow you to search by SEDOL number (shown on your statement) or fund name.

    Fund prices are updated daily or weekly so the latest price shown is the most recent.

  • Account documents


    If you want to take regular withdrawals you need to complete a request form for your plan. You can find the form below.

    You can set up, change or stop regular withdrawals at any time.

    The minimum withdrawal you can take is currently £50 per withdrawal. You should bear this in mind when deciding how often to take withdrawals.

    The following form will need to be printed off, completed and sent back to us.

    Changing funds

    Download the ISA Switch form and send the completed form to us:


    If you would like to make a full or partial surrender you need to complete the form below.

    All forms should be sent to the following address:

    Sterling Centre
    PO Box 461,
    Bishops Cleeve
    GL52 8ZN

    For more information on tax, please read the Sterling Tax Guide.

    You can find more information located in the Helpful tools & information section below.

    If you opened your Sterling ISA on or before 28th April 2011, use the following Terms & Conditions document for more information.

    If you opened your Sterling ISA after 28th April 2011, please use the following Terms & Conditions document for more information. Please read your Terms & Conditions together with the Minimum Return Life Cover Plan Terms & Conditions that give you full details of what is covered.

    Additional payments

  • FAQs

    Who looks after my investment?

    Sterling ISA Managers Limited

    We aim to ensure the range of funds available through ISA and Investment Accounts meets the needs and expectations of our customers.

    We regularly review the range of panel funds we make available to make sure we're offering a broad range of investments that offer appropriate value for money. If these funds don't meet your needs, we also offer a range of wider market funds.

    Fund managers

    Our ISA and Investment Accounts offer direct access to investment funds - these are managed by fund managers.

    The role of a fund manager is to seek out the best investment opportunities in line with their fund's investment objectives.

    Fund managers use their knowledge of the companies, markets and territories in which the fund can invest. They use this expertise to decide on where to invest, and when and how to adjust the relative proportions of different asset types.

    The fund manager keeps these decisions under constant review, through continuing analysis, research and regular meetings with the companies in which the fund is making or considering investment.

    Sterling ISA Managers Limited is a member of the Zurich Insurance Group

    Zurich is a leading multi-line insurance provider with a global network of subsidiaries and offices. With about 60,000 employees, Zurich delivers a wide range of general insurance and life products and services for individuals, small businesses, mid-sized and large companies, including multinational corporations, in more than 170 countries.

    Understanding fund charges

    Sterling ISA and Investment Account charges

    We take a Sterling Yearly Charge and a Sterling Custodian Charge based on the value of your account. For more information about these, please refer to your yearly statements and the latest terms and conditions.

    Fund expenses

    These are deducted from the funds to pay for the day-to-day activities of managing each fund and are reflected in the unit price of the fund.

    These include expenses, taxes, duties and other charges incurred in the buying, selling, valuation, management and maintenance of the fund’s investments including auditors’ and custodians’ fees.

    Fund expenses are not fixed as they change each day based on what the fund has bought or sold on a particular day.

    Annual management charges

    Some of the funds have an annual management charge, which is a percentage of the value of the units in the fund.

    It is deducted from the fund every day before unit prices are calculated.

    They could change in the future.

    Initial charges

    There may be an initial charge on some funds before we buy units. This may be a one off charge or a difference between the daily buying and selling price which is often known as a bid/offer spread.

    Fund transaction charges

    On a day when you cash in your plan, more money may be moving out of the fund (or any of the funds it invests in) than into it. In this case, some of the assets of the fund (or funds) will have to be sold and the value of your plan may be reduced to reflect the impact on the fund unit price of the costs and charges associated with the sale.

    Can I make monthly payments?


    Subject to you not going over your yearly ISA allowance, you will be able to:

    • Continue to make monthly payments.
    • Increase or decrease your monthly payments.
    • Set up a new monthly payment.

    You can change your monthly payments at any time subject to the HM Revenue & Customs limits for ISAs. Currently, the minimum increase to your monthly payment amount is £25.

    Changing monthly payments

    If you want to change an existing monthly payment, you’ll just need to let us know what you want the new amount to be and when you want it to start.

    To change the bank account from which you pay the direct debit, we need you to complete a new direct debit mandate. Call us and we'll send you a form to complete.

    We'll write and let you know we've made the change.

    Stopping monthly payments

    You can stop monthly payments at any time.

    However, you must leave at least £2,000 invested. If you don’t, the charges will be high in relation to the account value and this could make it difficult for your investment to grow and we may close your ISA or Investment Account.

    Can I make additional single payments?


    You’ll be able to make additional single payments at any time. This is subject to you not going over your yearly ISA allowance. Currently, the minimum additional single payment is £1,000.

    How do I make an additional payment?

    To make an additional single payment, you’ll need to complete and return a top-up application form. 

    If you’re making the payment by cheque, please enclose the cheque, made payable to ‘Sterling’ with the form.

    Our contact details are available under the 'Get on Touch' tab. 

    We'll write and let you know we've received and invested your cheque.

    Can I make withdrawals?

    You can make regular withdrawals or one-off surrenders at any time. If you make withdrawals from your bond or investment account, you need to consider any tax liability you may incur. You should speak to your adviser to find out how a withdrawal or tax may affect your investment.

    All we need from you is a completed surrender form, which you can download below. We only accept completed surrender forms by post.

    Please always refer to the Terms and Conditions of your policy as there may be exit penalties for taking one-off withdrawals.

    We may need further supporting documents to make a payment such as Trust Forms, Power of Attorney Forms or Identification documents depending on your policy.

    We may be able to make a payment direct to your bank account by the Banking Automated Clearing System (BACS). Please let us know your bank sort code and account number on the form. Alternatively, we'll send you a cheque to your address.

    We will write to you confirming when the withdrawal has been paid.

    Regular Withdrawal Requests

    If you want to take regular withdrawals you need to complete a request form for your plan. You can find the form below.

    You can set up, change or stop regular withdrawals at any time.

    The minimum withdrawal you can take is currently £50 per withdrawal. You should bear this in mind when deciding how often to take withdrawals.

    The current maximum amount you can set for regular withdrawals is 7.5% of the total fund value of the account each year, unless the account was opened before 6th April 2005, in which case you can withdraw up to 10%.

    Can I change my fund?

    Fund choice

    Depending on your investment plan, you may link it to a different fund or funds available to that plan or investment.

    You may also change the fund, or funds, for your regular payments and leave the units you have already bought in the fund, or funds, they are in.

    Important information

    • You will need to complete a Fund Switch form.
    • Exact details of fund switching for your plan or investment are set out in the terms and conditions.
    • Before you make any decisions about fund switching, we strongly suggest you discuss this with your adviser.
    • If the plan or investment is written in trust, we may need each trustee's signature - check the provisions of your trust to see who needs to sign the form.
    • We accept faxed or emailed forms.
    • We'll confirm your new fund choice in writing.
    • We don’t currently make a charge for switching funds. If in future we decide to charge, we’ll tell you. However, switching may result in higher fund charges, depending on the funds you are switching between. If you are switching, you should contact your adviser for the latest fund charges.

    Download an ISA/Investment Account switch form and send the completed form to us at:

    Sterling Centre
    PO Box 461
    Bishops Cleeve
    GL52 8ZN

    How do I surrender my ISA?

    If you would like to make a full or partial surrender you need to complete an ISA surrender request form. We recommend you speak to your financial adviser before making a decision.

  • Get in touch

    If you can't find your fund or are having problems with your bond, don't hesitate to get in touch.


    0370 909 6010

    Lines are open Monday to Friday 8.00am - 6.30pm,

    Saturdays 9.30am - 12.30pm (excluding Bank Holidays)



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