Have your circumstances changed?

That’s fine and actually, we expect you to make changes to your insurance as your life changes. The Level Protection Plan and the Adaptable Life Plan allow you to review and change your cover at certain times in your life.

For example, if you:

Increase your mortgage
Get married or enter a civil partnership
Get divorced or dissolve a civil partnership
Become a parent, either naturally or by adoption
Get a salary increase of 10% or more

You can usually change your cover without having to give us any more details about your health or lifestyle. This may depend on your age when you change your insurance.


If you have a Decreasing Mortgage Cover Plan, you can increase your cover when you increase your mortgage, take out a commercial loan or increase a commercial loan. You can also reduce your cover if you need to.


Check your plan documents to see if you can make changes to your plan. In our Level Protection Plan and the Decreasing Mortgage Cover Plan documents we call this change the ‘guaranteed insurability option’ and in the Adaptable Life Plan documents, it’s called ‘special event benefit’.


Full details can be found in the key features documents you received when you first took out your plan.