Plans starting with 'P' and including DL, DK, DKA, VA or VB

Making sure you are invested in the right fund(s) for you is important, as this will affect the size of your pension pot when you decide to take your retirement benefits. Details of the funds available to you and information about how to change funds are below.

Changing your fund choice

If you want to change your fund choice please download, print and complete the fund choices form and return it to:

Zurich Assurance Ltd
The Tri Centre
New Bridge Square

Alternatively, you can take a photo or scan of the completed form (both sides) and email it to us:

Any queries, please contact us on:
0370 241 6950

Zurich Retirement Planning Funds

Our fund range includes Retirement Planning Funds which may be suitable if you are intending to retire before 2028 and want to gradually reduce investment risk in exchange for reduced potential for investment growth. Find out more information about our Retirement Planning Funds.

Our full range of funds

In addition to our retirement planning funds, the table below lists all the other available funds for your plan.

Sedol Code

Fund Name

Fund Charge*

406910 American Equity AP 0.90%
B59C6Q9 American Select Accumulation AP 0.91%
406493 Equity AP 0.90%
19192 European AP 0.91%
406932 Far East AP 1.02%
406211 Fixed Interest Deposit AP 0.84%
406471 Gilt Edged AP 0.84%
406181 Managed AP 0.93%
B50Q530 Managed Bond Accumulation AP 1.07%
B5KTDK2 Managed Bond Focused Accumulation AP 1.04%
B59BHH4 Managed Equity & Bond Accumulation AP 1.06%
B58MKW4 Managed Equity Accumulation AP 1.08%
B5B2BT5 Managed Equity Focused Accumulation AP 1.07%
406170 Property AP 1.21%
B5MGWY8 7IM AAP Adventurous Accumulation AP 1.59%
B5B5912 7IM AAP Balanced Accumulation AP 1.54%
B58CN47 7IM AAP Moderately Adventurous Accumulation AP 1.55%
B5826J3 7IM AAP Moderately Cautious Accumulation AP 1.55%
B59NQH3 7IM Adventurous Accumulation AP 1.91%
B5VJ691 7IM Balanced Accumulation AP 1.70%
B560525 7IM Moderately Adventurous Accumulation AP 1.77%
B5BB8S0 7IM Moderately Cautious Accumulation AP 1.64%
B5M4XF0 Allianz Emerging Markets Equity Accumulation AP 1.78%
21506 Baring European AP 1.86%
21487 Baring Far East AP 2.15%
B575N58 BlackRock Gold & General Accumulation AP 1.80%
B5WGMP9 Deutsche Managed Sterling Accumulation AP 0.85%
B5V33W5 GLG Japan CoreAlpha Accumulation AP 1.65%
B59M852 Henderson European Selected Opportunities Accumulation AP 1.70%
B58YK64 Henderson Strategic Bond Accumulation AP 1.46%
21528 HSBC Equity AP 1.66%
21584 HSBC European AP 1.66%
21562 HSBC Far East AP 1.48%
21540 HSBC US Equity AP 0.91%
B5LSGN2 Invesco Perpetual Corporate Bond Accumulation AP 1.56%
B56GY60 Invesco Perpetual Income Accumulation AP 1.61%
B59HL03 JPM Natural Resources Accumulation AP 1.65%
B5B1KG2 Kames Ethical Equity Accumulation AP 1.54%
B5VXY66 M&G Corporate Bond Accumulation AP 1.41%
B58YGQ6 M&G Gilt & Fixed Interest Income Accumulation AP 1.51%
B52NJM6 Schroder UK Alpha Plus Accumulation AP 1.67%
B5BJNG7 Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders Accumulation AP 1.55%

*The fund charges quoted in this table are the charges deducted within the funds and reflected in the fund price. Other charges may apply to your pension plan as explained in your product Terms & Conditions.

Each fund has two versions, capital and accumulation. Your plan may have a mixture of the two, and when you choose new funds the equivalent version will apply. The funds in this table are the accumulation versions; the capital versions include an additional charge of 3.5%. You can view the equivalent capital funds here.