Plan number starts with '7'

Making sure you are invested in the right fund(s) for you is important, as this will affect the size of your pension pot when you decide to take your retirement benefits. Details of the funds available to you and information about how to change funds are below.

Changing your fund choice

If you want to change your fund choice, please contact us on:
0370 514 3624

Our full range of funds

You can find the funds available for your plan in our fund guide. Look for the ticks in the columns labelled 'RPE', 'RPP', 'RPF' or 'RPX'. You will find which one applies to you by looking at your plan number on your statement.

More information about our funds can be found here.

The funds available for your plan may include our Zurich Horizon Multi Asset Funds. If so you can find out more about our Zurich Horizon Funds here.