Travelling with children

Travelling with children: A few things to think about

When travelling with your children, make sure you’re all protected with travel insurance…

Got a family trip in the pipeline? Protecting your most precious assets with quality travel insurance is a must.

Here are a few things to consider when buying travel insurance for you and your children…

Can you all be covered under a single policy?

Absolutely. If you’re looking for insurance for a family holiday, a family policy (though it might not be called that) will typically provide the best type of cover.

Take out travel insurance with Zurich, for instance, and you, your partner and any children can be covered under a single policy (but please take a look at our policy wording for who we include as children).

Simply select who you would like covered at the time of getting a quote.

Family travel insurance: What will you be covered for?

For family travel, consider a policy that provides you all with solid, all-round protection. But what does ‘solid’ protection look like?

Take a look at our short article about the four things you should check your travel insurance policy includes.

Even our ‘basic’ policy features £10 million worth of cover for emergency medical assistance and expenses, including £250 for dental treatment and £500 hospital benefit.

On the same policy, you are also covered for loss, theft or damage to baggage, up to £1,000, as well as for cancellation or cutting a trip short, again up to £1,000.

Upgrade to our ‘standard’ or ‘extra’ policy, and these benefits multiply.

Take a look at how Zurich’s travel insurance benefits compare depending on the policy you choose.

Are you planning to scuba dive (or do something equally active)?

If you’re all heading off for an adventure-filled holiday, your travel insurance should reflect this. 

For instance, if you’re booked to go banana boating, jet skiing, or shark diving, you need to make sure you’re covered for these activities under the terms of your travel policy.

Each of our three levels of travel insurance covers a whole host of activities.

And if you’re planning on hitting the slopes, you can add specialist winter sports holiday cover to either our ‘standard’ or ‘extra’ policies.

This provides protection against equipment damage, loss, or theft, as well as unforeseen slope closures or avalanche delays. Plus, as well as skiing, it covers activities like sledging, tobogganing and even sleigh rides!

If the activities are pre-booked and paid for, make sure you account for them when calculating how much cover to take out for trip cancellation. Our ‘standard’ policy features £5,000 of cover for cancellation and cutting a trip short, with £100 worth of protection for excursions.

Are you travelling with family more than once?

When you take out travel insurance, you can choose either a single trip policy, or an annual multi-trip policy.

Annual travel insurance removes the hassle of having to take out a policy every time you travel, meaning you’re also automatically covered for any last minute getaways, abroad or within the UK.

What now?

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This content was first published in July 2018 and updated in November 2019

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