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Travel insurance: Four things you should check your policy for

When buying travel insurance, look out for cover that suits your needs. So what should you be keeping an eye out for?

Before you drive, jet or sail off on your holidays, it’s important to take out travel insurance.

But while you may be tempted to choose a cheaper deal, bear in mind that not all policies are the same. So what, according to one online source, should travel insurance cover you for?

Make sure your policy protects you and your family against the following…


You have to cancel your holiday (or cut it short)

Some things you can’t plan for. If you or a family member falls ill just before or during your holiday, forcing you to change your plans, a travel insurance policy should be there to protect you.

Policies offer varying levels of financial protection for travel and accommodation costs that you’ve already paid for but can’t use or claim back.

With Zurich’s 'standard' travel insurance policy, you’ll have £5,000 worth of cover for cancellation or cutting a trip short.

Your flight is delayed 

A blanketing of snow - as sometimes happens in the UK - can cause thousands of flight cancellations, so a policy should cover you for this inconvenience.

According to the Money Advice Service*, you should look for travel insurance with a minimum cover of £200 for delay.

If you have a Zurich 'standard' policy, we’ll pay out up to £300, calculated on how many hours you’re stuck twiddling your thumbs in the departures lounge. Upgrade to our 'extra' policy and that cover increases to £500.

You may decide you do not need cover for this. In which case, take a look at Zurich's 'basic' cover which includes core benefits, excluding flight delay, for a cheaper premium.

Your belongings are lost, stolen or damaged

If this hasn’t happened to you, it likely has to someone you know. According to SITA, an air travel IT company, more than 22 million bags were either lost or ‘temporarily mishandled’ in 2017*.

Don’t be left waiting at baggage collection without the peace of mind of a travel insurance policy which covers you for loss, theft or damage. Zurich's 'standard' policy will cover you up to the value of £1,500, including a £300 valuables limit.

If you're taking some expensive kit on your trip with you, such as photography equipment, it may be worth considering our extra policy, which covers you up to the value of £2,500 with a valuables limit of £500.

You have an accident on holiday 

Most of us treat our holidays as a chance to let our hair down and try new things, but accidents can and do happen – and a trip to A&E and treatment can be expensive.

Medical expenses covers you if you need emergency medical or surgical treatment abroad. Look out for travel insurance policies with at least £1m cover for Europe and £2m for USA travel*. Or you can take out a Zurich policy, which covers medical expenses of up to £10m.

Accidents can happen at any time, which is why all Zurich customers have access to a 24 hour emergency medical assistance helpline.

Tailor your Zurich travel insurance policy to suit your needs

Zurich travel insurance has a range of benefits as standard, but you can add extras to suit your needs. These include specific cover for golf equipment if you’re planning on hitting the course, as well as cruise cover if you’re taking to the seas. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a few trips in the pipeline, it might be best to take out an annual multi-trip policy. Not only is this option likely to be more cost effective, but it saves you the hassle of having to arrange cover before each holiday. 

What now?

If you are ready, find out more about Zurich travel insurance.




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This content was first published in April 2018

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