5 things to ask yourself
when buying travel insurance

Five questions to ask yourself before you buy your next travel insurance policy…

Travel insurance is a holiday essential, but how much cover do you need and when should you buy? And aren’t all policies basically the same? We’ve got these questions, and others, covered…

1 When should I buy travel insurance?

Buying travel insurance is often left to the last minute, but buying early has its advantages. For example, if you have to abandon your plans, most travel insurance plans include cancellation cover as standard.

Certain policies also feature redundancy cover, which will pay out if you have to cancel your trip due to losing your job.

2 Have I shopped around?

It can pay to take a look at your available options before buying travel insurance. Comparison websites provide a good overview of available deals, but don’t allow the price tag alone to sway your decision. The cheaper policies may not provide you with the cover you want.

Read our quick guide on the four things a ‘good’ travel insurance policy should include.

3 Will this be my only holiday this year?

If you’re lucky enough to have a few holidays in the pipeline, you could always take out annual multi-trip insurance rather than separate, single trip policies. Not only will this mean less hassle for you – as you’ll only need to arrange insurance once – but it could save you money.

Check the small print of the policy which will outline the maximum number of days you are covered for, to make sure your trips fall inside the limit.

4 What’s the right level of cover for me?

Take the time to look at the features of insurers’ standard travel insurance policies. Consumer group Which?* suggests travellers should seek policies with a minimum £2m of medical cover for Europe, or £5m worldwide.

It also suggests you should have £1,500 worth of cover for baggage and personal belongings, and £3,000 for cancellation or curtailment.

If you expect your holiday to be adventure-filled, pay attention to any exclusions which may be part of your policy. You may need to add certain activities to your policy, for an extra fee, if you wish to be covered for them.

5 How honest should I be about medical conditions?

Never twist the truth when taking out insurance – why take the risk of invalidating your cover to make a marginal saving?

What now?

OK, you’re all set. Find out more about Zurich travel insurance.



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