5 reasons to
share your goals

Find out how sharing your goals could help make them a reality.

No man or woman is an island.

And particularly when it comes to long-term goals, making sure we have a support network in place – in the form of a partner, parents, friends, or even an online community (maybe all of the above!) – is crucial in reaching them.

Having someone there with us through every step of the journey – from the planning stages at the very beginning to putting the Champagne on ice – gives us the willpower we need to keep going, even when throwing in the towel seems like a very real possibility.

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why sharing really is caring when it comes to goals…


We’ve all looked in the mirror and given ourselves a pep-talk, but when we say our goals out loud to someone else – a friend, parent or colleague – it makes them seem more real.

Telling someone close to us also brings some accountability into the mix – no one likes to lose face. Plus, when you’ve achieved those mini milestones – you’re halfway to saving a deposit for your first home, for example – you can share the good news and feel that nice rosy glow of accomplishment.


Another bonus of saying it loud? It all becomes that bit clearer in your mind. When you bounce ideas off each other (“What about adding New Zealand to your travels?” / “I found this was the best way of increasing my savings”) you’ll soon find your goals evolve and your desired outcomes become crystal clear. Two heads are better than one!

Progress check

You might not have experienced this level of nagging since you were a teenager, but you’ll be grateful for it in the long run. The person/people you tell will likely want regular and detailed updates, and this will really help you measure your progress. Just think of it as payback for all the times you asked “Are we there yet?” on a long car journey.


“Just do it!”… This phrase isn’t exclusive to the sports brand; it’s often the words that come out of your friends’ mouths – and this kind of encouragement can work wonders for motivational levels. Often, if you ask someone to be there for you they’ll be honoured to step up to the challenge.

Potential partner

Who knows? Tell someone about your goal and they might want to come along for the ride. Just like having a gym buddie, you’re more likely to stick to your goal when you share your bandwagon. It could even add a healthy dose of competition to the mix!

What kind of goals do you have?

We all have our own goals – whether it’s getting onto the property ladder, planning our ultimate retirement, completing a triathlon or travelling the world. The question is – what do you want to achieve and, more importantly, how are you going to achieve it?

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