10 tips on staying safe
abroad this winter

Do you have a winter holiday coming up? Help make your trip stress-free with these handy tips…

If you’re one of the lucky ones planning a winter holiday, you’ll soon be loading up your suitcase and heading abroad.

Yet, whether you’re chasing the sun or hitting the slopes, it’s fair to say that all holidays involve an element of risk. So, read our guide on staying safe abroad and you’ll be able to kick back, relax and enjoy your downtime.

1 Do your homework

Spend some time understanding the laws and local customs of your destination before heading off – Wikitravel* is a great go-to resource for this. Planning a trip to the slopes? Skiing is great fun, but it can be risky. So, it’s always best to research where the nearest hospital is to the resort you’re staying at.

2 Only pack essentials

Millions of bags go astray (are lost or temporarily mislaid) each year. It’s better to be prepared than hope it won’t happen to you. So, refrain from packing expensive or sentimental items in your suitcase. If you really want to take them, carry them in your hand luggage instead.

3 Check your gear

If you’re hitting the slopes, give all of your equipment – skis, boots and goggles, for instance – a once over before packing them to make sure it’s all in good order. If some of your gear looks a little worse for wear, consider replacing it before you leave, or hire the items you need when you’re over there.

4 Double-up on documents

Take photocopies of your passport, driving license and any credit/debit cards you’re taking away with you. This way, they’ll be easier to replace if you lose them. Store them separately to the originals; for instance, in a folder with copies of your travel insurance and itinerary.

5 Split your medication

If you need to pack medication, it’s best to divide it and carry some in both your hand and hold luggage. Discovering that your case containing all your essential meds has gone missing wouldn’t be a great start to a trip.

6 Don't carry lots of cash around

Only take what you need for the day (plus a little extra) and keep the rest of your weekly cash budget locked in a safe place at your accommodation. Or you can pre-load a travel card and use this for your day-to-day expenses.

7 Take care with taxis

In any country you visit, you’ll find that there’s a minority of taxi drivers giving the rest a bad name. To stop yourself from being scammed, only use licensed taxis. It’s also a good idea to agree a price before setting off – or, if you notice a meter, ask for it to be turned on.

8 Know your limits

Many holidaymakers enjoy a few tipples while away. But, whether you’re warming up with a hot toddy in an après ski bar, or sipping a Pina Colada by the pool, the same rule applies: never leave your drinks unattended. Also, there’s a reason why it’s called après ski – just like driving, skiing whilst under the influence can be dangerous.

9 Stay with the group

It’s ‘safety in numbers,’ as they say, so don’t walk alone at night. Always stay in a group, especially if you’re in a quieter area. If you fancy some solo exploring during the daytime, let someone know where you’re going and what time you’ll be back, and always take your phone with you.

10 Are you covered?

Don’t forget, travel insurance is just as important as packing all the essential gear for your holiday!

What now?

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