Retirement scenarios

Bringing retirement options to life

To help bring retirement options to life, we've created scenarios based on fictitious people with different retirement aims. These scenarios are for information only and are not intended to replace financial advice. If you're unsure what to do, you should speak to your financial adviser to make sure you make the right choice for you.

What you need to know

The scenarios are based on single people who are approaching retirement. They do not take into account:

  • their appetite for risk and how much they are prepared and can afford to lose
  • any other savings or investments or debts
  • the effect inflation may have on income requirements in the future
  • their personal circumstances and any other financial needs they may have

Sarah wants to take a cash lump sum

I'm Sarah and I've recently celebrated by 60th birthday. I'd like to take my retirement pot as cash.

See what Sarah could do

Mike wants a secure income throughout retirement

I'm Mike. I'm a 60 year old chartered surveyor. I like security and this goes for my retirement too.

See what Mike could do

Jim wants a flexible income he can manage

I'm Jim and I've just celebrated my 64th birthday. What I want is flexibility from my retirement pot. I want to be able to take income as and when I need it.

See what Jim could do

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