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I want to buy an annuity (a secure, lifelong income)

If you're interested in buying an annuity to receive an income for the rest of your life, we have an arrangement with HUB Financial Solutions who can help you shop around the whole market to find an annuity. You can still take up to 25% tax-free cash if you choose this option.

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I want to choose drawdown (a flexible income)

You can take a flexible income through drawdown as well as taking up to 25% tax-free cash from your retirement savings. Speak to a financial adviser first as this is a complex option.

Your financial adviser will let you know if this is right for you and whether your retirement savings plan offers this option or if you'll have to transfer your retirement savings to a plan that does.

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I want to take a cash lump sum

You may be able to take all or part of your retirement savings in one or a series of cash lump sums. Of this, 25% will be tax-free with the rest taxed as income.

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Need advice?

Pension wise

You can access a free, impartial
government service to help
you make sense of your
options with
Pension Wise.


If you don't currently have a
financial adviser, you can find
one near you at

Vouched for

Or you can read reviews of
financial advisers at

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Help! I haven't got enough to retire

If you think you haven't got enough retirement savings to live on, don't panic. You still have options.

Avoiding pension scams

Pension scams are on the increase and the new pension freedoms give fraudsters fresh opportunities – don't be a victim

Pension wise

Free, impartial, government service

Pension wise
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Plan the future you'll love

Working past retirement age, retiring abroad, voluntary work. Whatever retirement means to you, we can help you build a future you'll love.

Love your retirement

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