Part-time work

Part-time work

You might want to return to part-time work after you retire. It's a great chance to learn new skills and earn some useful income.

Before you start any type of part-time work though, it's worth taking into account that your earnings may affect any income-related benefits you may be claiming.

Remember, you are still entitled to the National Minimum Wage for any paid work you do. And while you don't have to pay any National Insurance when you're over state pension age, you may have to pay income tax while working part-time.

How to work out if you'll pay tax

  1. Add up all your taxable income, which includes things like pension income, dividends from company shares, and some state benefits
  2. Work out your tax-free allowances (if you were born before 6 April 1948, you are probably getting a higher tax-free personal allowance than younger taxpayers)
  3. Take your tax-free allowances away from your taxable income

If your taxable income is more than your tax-free allowances, chances are you'll probably have to pay tax – if you currently don't pay tax you should contact the tax office for more information about setting up the right tax code. If your taxable income is less than your tax-free allowances, you don't have to do anything. And if you think you've been paying tax when you didn't need to be, contact your tax office to claim a refund.

Types of taxable income

To provide more information on what types of income are taxable and non-taxable, the government has created a website. The site also provides help with calculating your tax contribution.

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