Which trust is right for you?

We provide a range of trusts to cover different needs, so it's important you understand which trust is right for you. Our tool can help you decide by asking you some basic questions to help narrow down the options of which trust might be best for you.

Who's needed to set up a trust?

  • Settlor (or 'Donor' on an Absolute Trust) - the person(s) who puts assets into a trust (transferring legal ownership to the trustees) and appoints trustees to look after the trust.
  • Trustee - the person(s) who looks after the contents of the trust on behalf of the beneficiary(ies) - normally trustees are the settlor themselves, and at least one other person, someone else the settlor trusts and who is likely to outlive them.
  • Beneficiary - the person(s) who can benefit from the trust.

Need help?

Completing the trust deed

For help to complete a trust deed, please call 0345 266 1046, or email zurich.customer.service@uk.zurich.com

However, we won’t be able to advise you which trust suits your personal circumstances, but we will be able to answer factual questions about the trusts themselves.

We may record or monitor calls for training and quality purposes.

Looking for advice

If you are unsure if putting your plan into trust is right for you, or you’re not sure which trust to choose, you should seek professional help from a solicitor or your financial adviser – you may have to pay for the advice you receive.

Have a question?

Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about putting a life insurance plan into trust.