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Whole of Life cover or Over 50s insurance?

If you’re over the age of 50, you might want to start thinking about who is going to pay for your funeral when you die. If you don’t want your loved ones to foot the bill, it makes sense to put something in place to help cover this when you’re no longer around.

Did you know that each Zurich Whole of Life plan is individually underwritten? This means that, unlike over 50s plans which guarantee acceptance without asking you about your health, a Zurich Whole of Life plan - and how much it costs - is based on your personal circumstances. So you could pay less than you would on an over 50s plan if you lead a healthier lifestyle.

With a Whole of Life plan from Zurich, for less than £14 per month*, we’ll pay out the sum assured when you die irrespective of how long you’ve been paying into the plan. And with the offer of free access to bereavement services for your loved ones, among other features, it could be a better option. Our Key Features Document at the bottom of the page will give you more information.

Take a look at the stats and figures below to get an idea of the costs involved when someone dies.

* based on a 50 year old non-smoker taking out £9,000 Whole of Life insurance through Zurich's Adaptable Life plan.

How do we compare?

You've probably already done some research on what other insurance companies have to offer but, remember, a Zurich Whole of Life plan is based on your individual circumstances, so you could pay less than you would with a standard over 50s plan. Have a look at the table below to see how our cover compares.

Whole of Life cover is available through the Zurich Adaptable Life plan. To learn more, have a look at our Life insurance page.

**Please note the stats and figures below are based on a 50 year old non-smoker taking out £9,000 Whole of Life cover through Zurich's Adaptable Life plan.

Prices are accurate as of November 2017.

Zurich Whole of Life cover**

SunLife Guaranteed Over 50 plan Royal London Over 50s Life Cover
Sum assured £9,000 £9,095 £9,183
Monthly payment £13.78 £23.00 £25.00
Full sum paid without waiting period
Ability to change your monthly payment
A couple hug on a bench
A couple hug on a bench

Did you know?

The state will only contribute to the cost of your funeral if you're claiming certain benefits.

Even then, it's unlikely they'll cover the full cost, which could leave your loved ones with a large bill to pay at a difficult time.

Have a look at www.gov.uk for more information.

What can a Whole of Life insurance plan help to cover?

Most of us are unaware of the costs involved when we die and we wouldn't want to pass those expenses on to our loved ones. The figures below will give you an idea of the cost of dying.

Icon of the bible


The cost of dying in the UK in 2016

Icon showing piggy banks


Average cost of a UK funeral in 2016

Icon of a hearse


Price of memorials, car and flowers for a funeral

Source: SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2017.



Average cost of legal fees dealing with will and probate

Ready to get Whole of Life cover?

Start now by going to the Get a Quote link. When completing your quote, you won't be able to include the critical illness benefit and you'll need to choose 'Whole of Life' when asked how long you'd like your insurance to last.

If you'd like more information before applying, take a look at the link below.

If you stop paying, your cover and plan will end and we won't refund any of your payments.