Snap a selfie to see how affordable life insurance can be.

FaceQuote is the latest tool developed by Zurich to help you manage your finances in a fun and engaging way.

FaceQuote is a selfie app that can guesstimate your age. Simply take a selfie and the app will reveal how much life cover could cost per month based on the age it generates. This app has been launched as an easy way for you to kick-start your research into life insurance and show how affordable life cover can be.

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Ready to take a selfie? Try the FaceQuote app to see how affordable life insurance can be.
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Why Zurich Life insurance?

It's important to financially protect yourself and those closest to you. And with the right cover in place, you and your loved ones won't have to worry about money when it's the last thing on your minds.

Peace of mind from £5 a month

Affordable life cover to protect you and your family.

You’re in safe hands

Part of one of the world’s largest insurers.

We do the right thing

In 2018, we paid out 99% of all our death claims and 91% of all our critical illness claims.

We’re here for you

Access to Zurich Support Service for you and your family, provided by one of Zurich’s partners.