99% of claims paid. 100% fact.

The facts speak for themselves

When you’re shopping around for the cheapest premium, it’s easy to think that all insurance companies are the same. It’s only when you come to make a claim you find out they’re not.

From January – December 2018, we received 84,797 insurance claims, and paid out on average 99% of insurance claims our customers made.

We could give you lots of other reasons to choose Zurich insurance, but we think you’ll agree that the numbers speak for themselves.

General insurance claims*: from a total of 81,921 we paid 80,904 claims; that is 99% claims paid

Life insurance claims: from a total of 2,876 we paid 2,771 claims; that is 96 % claims paid

That is a UK total of 84,797, of which we paid 83,675 claims; paying 99% claims last year.

*Figures are based on Property, Motor and Travel claims from Zurich's personal and business customers. They exclude claims on behalf of a third party.

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