Home insurance

Why Zurich Home insurance?

Your home isn't just about the bricks, the glass and the tiles - it's also about the antique chairs, the brooch that's been passed down over the generations and the wind chime in your garden that your daughter made at school. If something happens to those things, it's not just your wallet that suffers - it's your whole world.


Automatic buildings cover up to £1,000,000


Accommodation provided in the event of an insured event


24 hour claims assistance helpline and UK customer service call centres


Automatic contents cover up to £100,000

Tailor your cover

Add these optional extras to your policy

Personal accident cover

Please note this extra is only available when taking out or renewing Home insurance cover.

This covers you if a family member, friend or visitor is injured in your home of if an insured person is injured or hospitalised following an accident, with up to £25,000 bodily injury cover. Please note, insured people under the age of 16 will only receive £7,500 in the case of accidental death and underwriters are not liable to pay out on a claim if the insured person is aged 70 or over on the day of the accident.

Personal accident cover is provided by Ultimate Insurance Company Limited.

Personal possessions cover

Add this to contents cover to make sure your possessions are insured when you're away from home. If you lose a ring on holiday for example, personal possessions cover will insure you for the loss.

Accidental damage

Add this to your buildings or contents insurance to protect your home against unexpected events such as spillages on your carpet or a scorch mark to a kitchen work surface.

Home emergency expenses

This protects your home against emergencies like burst pipes, boiler breakdown or repairs to a storm-damaged roof. It can also cover overnight accommodation costs if your home becomes unsafe or insecure. This cover is underwritten by AmTrust Europe Limited and administered by ARAG plc.

Legal expenses

Add this to cover legal costs up to £50,000 if you or your family who live with you are involved in a legal dispute. This cover is provided by DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Limited.

Garden cover

Add this to cover your garden against plant, tree and ornament damage or loss for up to £2,500.

You can add any of these optional extras to your plan at any point after you've taken out a policy with us. 

If you would like to purchase or add an optional extra to your existing policy, please call us on: 0800 408 0991