How much will I need?

Maybe more than you expect


For the prepared, retirement can be whatever they make it. The sad reality is many people just aren't saving enough to free themselves financially in their later years. Now is the time to fire up your imagination and start planning for whatever you want your future to be.


What do you want to be after you’ve grown up

Like your health or your career, the trick to a happy retirement is thinking ahead.

Gone are the old-fashioned ideas that retirement means a comfy pair of slippers and endless pots of tea while you stare at the rain outside your kitchen window. We no longer think of retirement as putting ourselves out to pasture; it's freedom to follow our passions and dreams, time to spend with the ones we love most.

Redefining what retirement means makes it vital to consider what YOU want from life, right into your 80s and beyond. Whether it's one long holiday in the sun or that convertible you always yearned for, now's the time to work out how to give yourself the best shot at achieving your ideal future.

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Dreaming about the perfect retirement is one thing, making it happen is another.
Find out if you’re saving enough for a future you’ll love.
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How far away are you from retirement?

It’s never too late to start saving for retirement. However, you should understand that both the amount you save and the way you invest changes as you get older; assuming you want the same standard of living.

Our interactive guide helps you understand what changes you can make now to enjoy the kind of retirement you imagine.

Time to retirement

  • 10-20 years

    You've got bags of time and there's zero need to live off beans on toast while you squirrel away every penny. At the same time, plan now and you'll reap the rewards.

    You have a good chance of turning smaller deposits into a great pension if you get cracking. Your pension will also be better placed to weather the ups and downs of investing if you begin now.

    But always remember: Your investments could fall in value – though you've got a healthy timeframe to weather any dip in value.

  • 5-10 years

    There's no panic, but if you've not started saving it might be time to get your skates on.

    Already saving? It's the perfect opportunity to give your retirement a boost by paying in a little more. You'll get tax-relief on your payments so put that Christmas bonus to work.

    Thinking you might work ‘til 80 or already shopping around for that sporty little number? If you change your retirement age, you should change your planning too.

    Got a workplace pension with Zurich? If you’ve moved from job to job, you may have picked up a few different pension pots on your travels. Why not see if we can help you tidy things up and bring them together by transferring them to your Zurich workplace pension?

  • 1-5 years

    Just like learning French or finishing that novel, you can't put things off forever. It's time to start thinking about how you want to take your retirement savings. 

    Take stock of your options. When you know what your plans are, think about investing in funds that closely match the way you want to take your retirement savings. Don't forget to factor in your state pension too.

    Track down any lost pensions through

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  • Less than 1 year

    Almost time to put your feet up and reap those rewards. Time to do some final checks as you ease into your perfect retirement:

    1. Decide how you want to take your retirement savings (you don’t have to choose a single option). If you're not sure what's best for you, speak to a financial adviser, you may be charged for this.
    2. Make sure your investments suit those decisions.
    3. Put in a claim for your state pension (if you have reached state pension age). As the state pension age is regularly reviewed, it's worth checking the latest information on the website so there's no surprises.
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    4. Move to Florida (optional).
    5. Enjoy your retirement!