Which plan fits my life?

Choosing your life insurance


With so many options out there, choosing your life insurance plan can get a bit confusing. 

We’ll give you the lowdown of what our plans offer to help you decide what’s right for you and your family.


Level protection plan

“I want to protect my family if I die or become critically ill”

Does your current plan really reflect your life right now?

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Decreasing Mortgage Cover

"I want to pay off my mortgage if I die or become critically ill"

Our Decreasing Mortgage Cover Plan is a life insurance and critical illness plan designed to protect a repayment mortgage or a loan where the debt is decreasing over time. The protection you get will depend on the type of cover you choose when you start your plan.

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Adaptable Life Plan

“I want insurance to last all my life to protect my family when I die.”

Our Adaptable Life Plan pays out a cash lump sum when you die. That way, your insurance lasts as long as you do.

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