Do I have the right protection?

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Chances are you already have some life insurance. But is it the right type and is it enough?

Ready for life’s surprises?

  • Does the life insurance you've already got really reflect your life right now?
    Our lives change from year to year. Getting married, having kids buying a house - they all take their toll on our responsibilities. That’s why it makes sense to regularly check that your life insurance reflects the life you live today.
  • Will it also look after those extra financial commitments?
    Most people get life insurance simply to cover their largest expenditure: their mortgage. But setting a buffer over and above this will make sure your family can cope financially with all the other outgoings should you die or suffer a critical illness.
  • Will it provide the kind of future you’ve always imagined?
    We all want our loved ones to live as comfortably as possible if we are no longer around. So it’s worth thinking about whether the cover you currently have will stretch to pay for the future you dream of for your family.

What's the value of your world?


A lot of people buy life insurance with their first property without thinking too much about what’s it’s actually protecting them against.

'Value your world' is a quick and easy-to-use tool that helps you calculate how much you’re really likely to need to help financially protect your family’s future.

Calculate the value of your world

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