Zurich Portfolio

You’ve probably seen the Zurich Portfolio mentioned a few times but what exactly is it?

Just think of it as a handy place to keep the accounts you open through Zurich FutureYou.

Who can open a Zurich Portfolio?

You can open a Zurich Portfolio and products held in it as long as you’re…

  • at least 18 years old,
  • a UK resident and UK resident for tax purposes for at least 6 months or, a crown employee serving overseas, or spouse or civil partner of a crown employee serving overseas. 

Sorry, you can’t take out a Zurich Portfolio if you are a US national.

How to open a Zurich Portfolio

Your Zurich Portfolio is automatically opened when you start an account. You don’t need to do anything extra.

Free accidental death cover

You’ll get free accidental death cover for a year from the date the Zurich Portfolio started.

You can read more about this in the Key features of Zurich Accidental Death Cover.

The legal stuff

The Zurich Portfolio and the accounts offered are made available through Sterling ISA Managers Limited which uses the name ‘Zurich’ for the purpose of the Zurich Portfolio and the accounts available within it.

The accidental death benefit cover is provided by Zurich Assurance Ltd.

Financial advice is available through Zurich Advice Solutions (UK) Limited, appointed representatives of Evolution Wealth Network Limited.