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Understanding the basics

Investing can sound more daunting than saving, but it could be a better way to grow your money.

Investment nuts and bolts

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Don’t know an asset from your elbow? 

Investing can seem like a deep dive into the unknown but in reality, it can be more straightforward than you think. 

We’ll walk you through the basics so you’re up to speed in no time.

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When saving becomes investing

If you’re trying to grow your nest egg, a savings account might look far from ideal. Providing a return which barely keeps up with inflation leaving your money gathering dust and making little or no return.

So it might be time to switch from saving to investing, taking more control of where your money is invested and the return you might get. Here are some of the most common types of ways you can save or invest and the things to consider before you take the plunge.


Bank account

Ideal for the day-to-day running of your life and you’ll get all the money you put in back plus any interest accrued. But if you want to make money, then a bank account may disappoint. In fact, returns may be so low that you risk inflation eating away at your money.


Savings account

Some offer higher interest rates than instant access accounts but you may have to tie your money up for a while to achieve this rate. You’ll get back all the money you’ve paid into the account plus any interest. With low interest, you risk inflation eating away at your money.


National Savings Income or Premium Bonds

You can be sure your money is safe as they’re backed by the government. You’re unlikely to get huge returns so the buying power of your money could be eaten away by inflation. And with Premium Bonds, you won’t receive any interest. So, unless you’re lucky enough to win one of the bigger prizes, your return is unlikely to beat inflation.


Cash ISA

You won’t pay any income tax on any interest with a cash ISA. And you’ll get back the money you invest plus any interest. But with interest rates currently so low, your money could be eaten away by inflation.


Stocks and shares ISA

Worth thinking about if you can invest for at least 5 years. And you won’t pay income tax on any growth. You will have the chance of growing your money but you could also lose some or all of it.


Investment account

If you want to invest for at least 5 years and have already max’d out your ISA allowance. You won’t receive the tax benefits of an ISA but you still have a chance of growing your money – you could also lose some or all of your money.


A world of investing

There’s a huge array of investments out there. From unit trusts, venture capital trusts to collectibles such as art, fine wine and antiques – each have their own risks and levels of return.


Is investing for me?

Anyone can invest - and the returns could be healthy if you're in it for the long term.

Is it right for me?

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