Travel Insurance

While everyone takes different approaches to travelling, we all want our holidays to be a happy experience. So, whether you’re sunbathing in Spain or kayaking in Canada, it makes sense to protect each and every journey.

We can cover both your single or annual trips. With 3 levels of cover, you can decide how we can take care of you when you're travelling.

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All the things you need in one policy

  • Key features


    24 hour emergency medical assistance helpline


    Loss or theft of money, credit cards or traveller's cheques


    Cancellation and cutting short a trip


    Loss or damage of baggage


  • Optional Extras

    Winter sports cover

    We provide cover for loss, theft and damage of equipment, piste closure, avalanche delay and loss of ski pass.

    Business travel cover

    We will cover your business equipment for loss, theft and damage and for hire of essential replacements.

    Golf cover

    We will cover your golf equipment for loss, theft and damage and for hire of replacements.

    Cruise cover

    We will provide cover for additional baggage, prepaid excursions/activities and cabin confinement


Quick and easy cover


We know you have better things to do, which is why we’ve kept our application process short and sweet.

Simply give us a few details online, check our online quote and then click and pay.

Simple, instant cover for your trip.

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Key facts you need to know

You can find out more information about the Zurich Travel Insurance on our policy document.

Policy document