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Home Insurance

Your house is your home and we know how much you value not just the house itself but all the things inside too.

If something happens to your home, it's not just your wallet that suffers - it's your whole world.

We offer you a wide range of buildings and contents insurance, all aimed to swiftly put your world in order again.

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All the things you need in one policy

  • Key Features


    Automatic buildings cover up to £1,000,000


    Automatic contents cover up to £100,000


    24 hour claims assistance helpline


    UK call centres for customer service


    Guaranteed repairs following a claim when using our approved repairers


    Cover for accidental breakage to fixed glass, sanitary ware, mirrors, ceramic hobs


    Somewhere to stay if something happens to your home (following an insured event)


    Cover for accidental damage to your household electricals

  • Optional Extras

    Personal possessions cover

    This can be added to contents cover. Without this, your possessions are not covered when you are away from home

    Legal expenses

    This covers your legal costs if you are involved in a dispute, up to £50,000 for you and your family who live with you

    Accidental damage

    This protects your home against unexpected accidents, such as spilling a glass of wine on your carpet or sofa

    Garden cover

    We’ll provide up to £2,500 of cover to protect your plants and trees, plus garden ornaments

    Home emergency expenses cover

    Protects your home against emergencies such as burst pipes or repairs to a damaged roof after a storm

    Personal accident cover

    Provides cover if a family member or friend is injured while in your home

Quick and easy cover


We know you have better things to do, which is why we’ve kept our application process short and sweet.

Simply give us a few details online, check our online quote and then click and pay.

Simple, instant cover for your home.

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Key facts you need to know

You can find out more information about the Zurich Home Insurance on our policy document.

Policy document