#shareyourgoal to win £5,000

We’ll pick 4 lucky winners with the most inspirational posts - it could be you!

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How to enter for a chance to win


Have a think about a life goal you aspire to.


Write a description, take a photo or capture a video which describes your goal.


Post your goal using #shareyourgoal on twitter or our facebook page.

Enter here for a chance to win


There are three ways entrants can enter the competition. As follows: 1) Via the Zurich FutureYou Facebook page:, 2) Via a public Tweet, or 3) By directly commenting on any Zurich FutureYou #shareyourgoal competition advertising in Facebook. In all three cases entrants must share a description, photo, or video of their life goal and use the hashtag #shareyourgoal as part of their post, tweet, or comment. Entries may be shared on the Zurich competition social media feed. You must be the author/copyright holder of all images submitted. Dates for the four different winners to be chosen are 6 March, 20 March, 3 April, 17 April. Entries can be made from 9am on 15 February 2017 until 11pm on 16 April 2017. When each winner is chosen, all entries up until 11pm on the previous day will be be valid. All winners must agree to allow Zurich to film their bespoke experience and agree to ongoing promotion of the prize, including the repeated use of the film of the bespoke experience for a 12 month period. If you do not undertake the filmed bespoke experience you will not be entitled to, and Zurich reserves the right not to pay, the Cash prize.

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I want my wife to experience the beauty of touring New Zealand before we become parents and focus on our family #shareyourgoal


Restore a classic Porsche 911 (1971 – the year I was born, ouch!) #shareyourgoal


Going to see every F1 race around the world #shareyourgoal


Start my own wallpaper design business #shareyourgoal


To see my 5 children graduating from University-- they are in 2nd yr Uni, 1st yr Uni, Year 11, Year 7 and Year 1 at the moment-- i want all of them to have a bright future #shareyougoal


My dream is to visit Iceland to see the northern lights - dream come true #shareyourgoal

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