Zurich Advice Solution documents

All our advice documents in one handy place...

Attitude to risk questions

This provides a preview of the questions you will be asked by the adviser over the phone about your attitude towards investment risk. It will help inform us about which investments are likely to be most appropriate for you.


Your guide to investment risk and financial advice

This provides you with information about investment risk and some of the factors you need to consider. It also provides details of how Zurich Advice Solutions will help you choose the right investments.


Request for information form

This form provides us with your authorisation to contact your existing pension provider for details about your pension plan. You’ll be asked to sign and return this if you haven’t already done so.


Your guide to Zurich Advice Solutions

This document sets out, who we are, the Terms and Conditions for using Zurich Advice Solutions and the charges that apply in full.

At the end of this document you will find the Customer Agreement Form, which you only need to send back to us once you've spoken with an adviser and agreed to pay our charges.


Zurich Advice Solutions (UK) Limited privacy document

This tells you what we do with the information you give us and how we protect your privacy. It also explains your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998.