How much does our advice cost?

Less than you might think

Like all professionals, there’s a charge for the services you receive from Zurich Advice Solutions. We’ll make these charges crystal clear and we won’t charge a penny without your agreement. As an example, take a look at the charges Carol paid when she took advice.


Step 1: First appointment

Carol and the adviser complete a fact find. They agree to look at transferring Carol’s pension with a transfer value of £15,000 to her pension with Zurich.

So far – this has cost her nothing.


Step 2: The cost for advice

If Carol decides to go ahead and sign the customer agreement form, the minimum Initial Advice Charge will be £200. Once received, the adviser can complete a recommendation and send it through to Carol to review.


Step 3: Second appointment

The adviser runs through the recommendation with Carol. She agrees with it and decides to proceed with transferring her pension to Zurich.


Step 4: The pension transfer cost

There is a charge of 1% to transfer her pension to Zurich. This means the cost of the Advice Completion Charge will be £150.


Step 5: The total advice charge

Carol pays the completion charge and her total advice charge is £350, which is a combination of the Initial Advice Charge and the Advice Completion charge.

Cost of advice

Pensions and investments

Minimum investment amount

Our advice service could help you if you have £10,000* or more to invest. We’ve set this figure as a minimum, as it's important the advice we provide costs less than the benefit it delivers.

* Each lump sum invested must be a minimum of £2,500 and, for most products any regular investments must be a minimum of £150 a month.

Here's a snapshot of charges

  • Initial Advice Charge
    The minimum charge is £200. This covers the review of up to two existing products or the review of a product and a recommendation for a cash lump sum (including regulars). Each additional plan, lump sum or regular investment you ask us to consider above this will increase your charge by £100.
  • Advice Completion Charge
    This is 1% of the lump sum or transfer invested in the recommended product. The Advice Completion Charge is subject to a maximum charge of £2,500.
  • Investment review charge**
    For each one-off investment review we carry out, there will be a charge of 0.5% of the value of the investments we review up to a maximum charge of £200.

**We won't automatically review your investments, but we will if you'd like us to - just contact us. If you then ask us to make a recommendation for any other investments, the normal advice process will apply including any relevant advice charges.

Life insurance

No initial advice or completion charges

If you want an adviser to review your financial protection only - you’ve got nothing to lose as there is no Initial Advice Charge or Advice Completion Charge payable.

We receive commission for the service given from Zurich Assurance Ltd and will let you know the amount of commission before your protection plan is issued.

Find out more about how we can help and how much advice costs in 'Your guide to Zurich Advice Solutions'.

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Remember, the value of your investment could go down as well as up and you may get back less than the amount you've invested.

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