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Zurich advice to prevent against home fires in summer heat

Swindon, July 18, 2018

We’re not used to long spells of hot weather in the UK, and while not every danger can be foreseen or prevented, taking some simple steps can reduce the chances of a fire in your home. 

Here's our top seven tips for keeping your home safe this summer

Home fire Zurich-       Avoid placing glass objects, especially glasses or ornaments, in direct sunlight as they can magnify the sun’s rays and burn soft furnishings
-       It might be a pain, but if you’re out for the day, draw curtains or close blinds to limit sunlight beaming in
-       Don’t leave flammable or combustible items, such as aerosol cans, in direct sunlight or they could explode
-       Avoid placing a fridge, freezer or air conditioning unit in direct sunlight, as they have to work harder to maintain their temperature
-       Maintain air conditioning units and fans to prevent the build-up of dust on motors, which could cause a fire
-       Keep BBQs away from dry foliage, fence lines and buildings and ensure they are safely extinguished after use
-       Fit a smoke alarm and check it regularly