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Share Incentive Plan

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Reward Shares

As part of our overall reward package, many areas of the business provide the opportunity to qualify for free Zurich shares through Reward Shares. These shares, awarded based on Business Unit Financial Performance, are free of Tax and National Insurance Contributions, as long as you hold them in the Reward Shares Plan for a minimum of five years.

Awards are made annually subject to business performance up to a maximum of 5% of base salary and limited to a maximum £3,600 limit set by HMRC.

Partnership Shares

Partnership Shares allows eligible employees to buy shares from their pre-tax salary. Each year you can buy up to £1,800.00 or 10% of salary whichever is lower.

If you keep the shares for more than five years they can then be sold free of income tax and National Insurance.

Terms and conditions apply - more details can be found in the Partnership Shares Guide available to you on the UK Intranet once you join.

Dividend Shares

Dividend Shares allows you to reinvest the Dividends paid on Reward and Partnership Shares within the Plan and thereby acquire more shares tax efficiently.

Terms and conditions apply - more details will be available to you on the UK Intranet when you join.

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