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Flexible Benefits summary

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Zurich’s Flexible Benefits scheme gives you the opportunity to exchange part of your salary for a range of benefits. The scheme offers a variety of options, allowing you to tailor your reward package to meet the needs of your lifestyle.

Here’s a quick guide to the benefits on offer for 2017:

Pensions - Saving extra for retirement

Flexible Benefits can help you save more for your retirement. As a new employee, you’ll automatically contribute 5% of your salary to your pension through Flexible Benefits. You can change this level of contribution when you first join Zurich, or during the annual Flexible Benefits enrolment period. Outside of Flexible Benefits, you can also add to your retirement savings by making regular or ad hoc Additional Personal Contributions (APCs).

Breast Screening

A personalised BreastCheck programme suitable for men and women, the screening comprises of a Risk Assessment, consultation with a breast specialist nurse, clinical breast examination and tuition in breast awareness.

Within five days from the consultation, you will receive your result letter and personalised early detection programme. The BreastCheck does not include treatment but referral to your GP if you are considered high risk.

Dental Care

Dental Care through Flexible Benefits can help you manage the cost of routine visits to your dentist and unexpected treatment costs. The benefit is serviced by National Dental Plan (NDP), the longest established provider of corporate dental insurance schemes in the UK, with clients including many FTSE 100 companies and leading professional firms. Four different plans are available (including an option reimbursing NHS charges) so you can tailor your cover to personal need and budget. Each plan allows you to use the dentist of your choice, NHS or private. 

Health Cash Plan

The Health Cash Plan, provided by the Hospital Saturday Fund (HSF) reimburses amounts towards medical expenses such as dental check-ups, dental treatment, sight tests, glasses, contact lenses, laser eye surgery, visits to a chiropodist, physiotherapist or osteopath. Your partner and any children can be included within your cover at no extra cost and contributions remain the same regardless of your age and how many claims you make. 

Health Screening

Health Screening can play an important part in the prevention and early detection of disease and illness. Request and attend a screening and you’ll receive a personal medical report that contains a full review of all the clinical findings, test results, conclusions and recommendations on how best to improve and maintain your health. You then have the option to decide whether you would like to proceed with further tests as a result of the recommendations offered. Health Screening is provided by Nuffield Hospitals (nationwide), BMI (nationwide), including the Ridgeway Hospital in Swindon and the Ulster Clinic in Northern Ireland.  

Private Healthcare

This benefit, administered by Bupa, enables you and your family to receive prompt access to private medical diagnosis and treatment, without having to face a hefty bill. You and your family can request to join the scheme no matter your level of health and fitness as there are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions, pre-joining underwriting or scheme excess, should you need to make a claim. Chronic and long term medical conditions are not covered, except for acute episodes. 

Prostate Screening

A personalised ProstateCheck programme, information about the pros and cons of prostate testing and early detection can be found on the website: www.ProstateHealthUK.com, followed by an online symptomatic score and prostate cancer risk assessment based on lifestyle, symptoms and family history, followed by a blood test. Within 21 days from the appointment you will receive the result letter and personalised early detection programme. ProstateCheck does not include treatment, but referral to your GP if considered high risk.

Skin Screening

Skin Screening provides an opportunity to detect skin health issues in their early stages. Your personalised skin screening programme will comprise an online risk assessment, consultation with a skin specialist nurse, including full body skin examination and education in early detection and skin protection. 

Bowel Screening

A unique service for men and women over the age of 45 that can be carried out in the comfort of your own home comprising: An online sign up which includes: symptom score: Family history: Lifestyle questions: A hygienic home collection kit using immunohistochemistry technology. BowelCheck tests for signs of blood in your stools as this can be a symptom of bowel cancer. Within 5 days of returning the collection bottle you will receive your results letter. BowelCheck itself does not include treatment, but referral to your GP if the result is abnormal. 

Gynaecology Screening

An opportunity for ladies to detect cervical health issues in their early stages. A comfortable home collection kit is sent to you so you can perform the sample collection when you want. Within 10 days of returning the sample you will receive your results letter. GynaeCheck itself does not include treatment, but referral to your GP if the result is abnormal. 

Lung Screening

An opportunity for men and women over the age of 40 to detect lung health issues in their early stages. A symptomatic score and lung cancer risk assessment test based on: Lifestyle: Symptoms: Family history. A unique blood test which is more likely to identify lung cancer. If the test result is abnormal you will be offered a free CT scan and consultation with a respiratory consultant. Within 4-6 weeks of the appointment, you will receive your results letter. If your assessment results show that you are considered at high risk you will be referred to a NHS thoracic consultant for further investigation. 

Car Parking

In Birmingham, limited employee parking is available at our leased car park located at 132 Hagley Road. The cost of parking is subsidised by Zurich and you won’t pay tax or NIC on the cost.

In Croydon, Employee parking is available at the NCP car park located at the Whitgift Centre. Savings are achieved as you won’t pay tax or NIC on the value of the benefit.

In Swindon, you can request an annual Swindon Car Parking space through Flexible Benefits and save at least £872 when compared to Borough of Swindon charges. Savings are achieved through a combination of a discounted rate and the fact that you don’t pay tax or National Insurance on the cost of a ticket.

In Swindon and Birmingham locations, share your journey to work with a colleague and save even more.

Childcare Payments

Childcare Payments enable you to make payments to registered or approved child carers through an electronic payment system operated by our supplier, care-4. Each week, the first £22 -£55 of payment is not subject to tax or National Insurance (the specific amount is dependent on your marginal rate of tax). If your partner also works at Zurich, they can request Childcare Payments too – making the benefit even more tax efficient. 


Choose any bicycle and related safety equipment you like from Halfords (up to £1,000). Your annual salary is adjusted by the amount you’ve requested, spread over 12 months, and your tax and National Insurance liability will reduce by at least 30% of the requested value. You have to use the bike as part of your journey to work (e.g. you cycle from home to work or to the rail or bus station and continue your journey from there). 


The Flexible Benefits Scheme offers you the chance to request more or less holiday, giving you the flexibility to go on that special trip, or to exchange holiday you don’t need for more in your pay packet. If you request more holiday, you’ll have less salary, and therefore also pay less tax and National Insurance. If you request less holiday, you’ll have more salary which will be subject to tax and National Insurance. You can swap as much holiday as you want, as long as you take between 20-45 days per year in addition to the normal Bank Holidays. This is pro-rated if you work part-time. 

Contacting HR Services

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Telephone:  0800 302 9056

Secure fax:  0808 238 3515

Post:  HR Services, Zurich, PO Box 1195, Swindon, SN1 1GH

Some small print

If you join Zurich before October 2015, you can request Flexible Benefits for the remainder of the year with the exception of Holidays, cycle2work, Health Screening, Skin Screening, Breast Screening and Prostate Screening. These benefits can only be selected during the annual enrolment period in November, for the following calendar year, as they run the full length of the year. If you join the company after October 2015 you will need to contact HR Services to discuss your options.

It’s important that you read the full information in the main Flexible Benefits brochure before deciding to join the Flexible Benefits scheme and before deciding whether a particular benefit is right for you and, where applicable, at what level. You will be sent a welcome e-mail when you join Zurich which explains the action you need to take.

In the meantime if you require any further information please contact HR Services as detailed on the left.